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Back when I started the Miniature bull deal,1996 we were known as lil’ Bucks Bull co. Based in Sonora Calif. I was the only youth stock contractor of this type in the U.S.
We were featured on CNN headline news, NBC affiliates as well as major newspaper articles throughout the West and Northwest. We also got a picture of our champions in a Western region national geographic. At that time we served events in Hibbing Mn., Toppenish Washington, Helena Mt., Ennis Mt., Salt Lake city Utah, Molalla Or., Hillsborough Or., Sonora Calif., Lancaster Calif, Angels Camp Calif.,St Paul Ore …this is only a portion of were we went…We held schools , practices and winter series events known as “A day at the bull pen”.

Well within the 1st year of owning the cattle we acquired over 90 head of bulls. To my knowledge that is the biggest herd ever assembled to this date. In the beginning inception that took a decade to get things rolling. We sold bulls to the Seminole Indian tribe in Florida. We also sent a load to LaVernia Texas. Later we sold a load to South Dakota and repeated another load to that area. Then we moved to Gooding Idaho in 03ish Lil bucks sold some of the remaining bulls to a gentleman in Utah in 2004. Then the Last 12 went to a man in S.E. Idaho about 2006. Prior to selling off the remaining bulls. I was in a situation where I had to buy a small trailer. Of course I put the name of the lil bucks bull company on the trailer. I also put a name on there my wife was not familiar with….”ROUGHSTOCK 101″. She asked what it was…..I told her I did not know….lol. Oh,….. I knew, ….?
what I knew was, I wasn’t dead yet.

They say to write your goals down so you don’t forget them. Even after all the bulls were sold, I would read that name on that little trailer. I was starting to slow down at rodeos, I was listening to negative people. Maybe I was at a bad place in my head. Blown knee, passing of my Dad, just life. What was really ironic , I started driving cow trucks. The 1st load of cattle I hauled to the killer plant. It had two of my bulls on it…Talk about regret, and make a person sick. It took a few years and the little work but I got myself back onto the playing field. I was living in what seemed to be uncertain times , but things were starting to look brighter, I could feel it.

A buddy of mine needed a bullfighter in 2008 at a Mexican rodeo. I had gotten over a blown knee from previous years and accepted his work. I made a $150 that day fighting bulls. It was basically the only 150 I had. I came home and told the wife I’m going to Vegas to the PRCA convention with the 150. As soon as I got to the convention, I had seen some of my old friends I had not seen for a couple years. I blew the doors open and said, “I’m coming back boys”. In 2009 I was alternate Barrelman at the Wrangler national finals, I was working major PBR events as well as more rodeos, I started going back East and working IPRA rodeos and anywhere I could. I am now getting back to full swing. I’m not in a hurry, like I was before. This time I’m going to have fun. Then just a few years ago I was back east at a rodeo and something got me looking at craigslist at home… for some reason ? There were 3 head of miniatures for sale…cheap…lol! Hence the tag, and the hand off. We purchased the cow and her two bulls.

Here it is 3 years later and Roughstock 101 is an elite youth program growing and enhancing our industry …. Roughstock 101 is at the time compiled of two companies… Itself which was known as little bucks bull company with a name change to Roughstock 101. Also at this time we partner with Brock Jensen and Big Butte mini bulls. Together we form Roughstock 101 and one of the largest Mini bucking bull herds in the northwest. Each of us has a breeding program that has in twined some of the greatest bucking bull athletes into the miniature bucking bull world. Names like Oscar, Wrangler rivets, Wolfman, Red rock, A-6 , Panhandle Slim and Blueberry wine to name a few. I have also been able to assemble cows that came from the original bloodlines of miniatures I had in the beginning over 20 years ago. Don’t let the names scare you, these are truthfully the greatest youth animals I have ever worked with.

Roughstock 101 and Big Butte mini bulls combined is now approx. 50 head of bulls strong. This makes us one of the largest strings of mini bulls with two separate breeding programs in the U.S….. “We don’t care about being the biggest, We care about being the best”….

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