JBR History

  • The Junior Bull Riders tour, otherwise known as the JBR was formed in 1997.
  • Its purpose was to help educate, expand and enhance our sport.
  • The JBR was the first ever youth miniature bull riding association.
  • The association was formed to bring better livestock, professionalism and production to the junior level.
  • It was also formed under the presence of helping the parents with cost.
  • Some of these costs include; association dues and entry fee hold outs.
  • It was the JBR’s inception to create a sponsorship driven association with no hidden fees.
  • The JBR believes that helping parents is essential in these times.
  • The JBR was unlike other jr associations at the time of its birth.
  • The others used calves and steers.
  • The JBR was the first to use actual miniature bucking bulls.
  • The bulls seemed to be safer than the steers and the calves.
  • This due to the training of the livestock.
  • The steady use and handling of the livestock, trains the animal athletes with years of repetition.
  • The young extreme athlete has the opportunity to grow with some of the Livestock used in these programs. Thus they have the chance to actually learn the characteristics of each individual animal athlete.
  • This extreme sport is not for everybody. It demands discipline, and guts. And even some adrenaline junkies have a hard time wrestling for 8 seconds on top of something they have no control over.
  • This sport takes determination and fortitude.
  • With millions of dollars every year up for grabs in this sport, why not?
  • Its not a job, its an adventure.
  • Since the start of the JBR, this extreme sport is in 5 countries.
  • The JBR has stayed true to its NO ASSOCIATION DUES AND 100% paybacks on entry fees to all winners.
  • Big fish in a small pond, or small fish in a big pond…. We were the first fish in the water.
  • The JBR is giving the World, MORE COWBOYS!

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