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 As far as an Entertainer Donnie Landis is one of the best in the business. His family orientated humor will leave the audience in stitches!  His Vaudeville type stand up walk and talk and timing are the best in the business.

Some of his clown acts and antics include:

  • – The Mini One-armed Bandit, this is a parody of the numerous specialty Act of the year.
  • – The Wild Cantbeatalope, a Shaggy creature Donnie rides to the audience’s enjoyment. He then matches against a horse in a little competition that ends hilarious.
  • – Mario the trained flea, Donnie’s trained flea climbs to the top of a diving board and dives into a bucket of water and then the ACT Goes Up In Smoke as Mario jumps through a Burning Ring of Fire Jose Jose the bull fighting dog, in this antic,
  • – Donnie comes out to fight the fierce fighting bull Jose Jose but once the audience sees the little 15 lb horned animal come running full speed the crowd will scream with enjoyment.
  • – Also during the bull riding Donnie will set up his oversized mouse trap and hopes of catching that 1500 lb Mouse.

– Donnie works the crowd like no other, keeping them involved in the rodeo with no down time. He is always on hand if there is a breakdown.

– Donnie is also available for promotional work, and is willing to help promote your event any way possible.

About Donnie Landis


The first time Donnie was in a Rodeo arena he was four years old helping his dad do his clown acts. Donnie is a fourth-generation rodeo cowboy. His Dad was a rodeo clown/bullfighter. He also rode bulls and bucking horses.

Later Donnie produced rodeos and his dad helped form the California Cowboys assoc. (CCA) now known as the C.C.P.R.A. Donnie’s mom was also very involved as a rodeo secretary and had many other official jobs. Donnie started clowning and fighting bulls when he was 12 years old at CCA. Rodeos he has worked include Mariposa and Pacifica CA. In 1972 (Labor Day weekend) flew in a 4-seater plane/there was 5 of them going to a big rodeo.

Donnie turned professional when he was 18! The first PRCA rodeo Donnie worked was the San Jose Firefighters Rodeo. As a professional thus far, Donnie has worked many major Rodeos, from as Big as The Wrangler National Finals in 1993 and 95, and as little as McCord Sask. Canada.

Donnie has worked the Pendleton Round-up, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Reno NV. Salinas California as well as the Calgary Stampede. In 1993 Donnie worked his first National Finals! Years later and Donnie is still doing what he loves, being a cowboy clown/entertainer. Side note, in 1997 Donnie became the first miniature bucking bull contractor in 1997.  

Donnie Landis

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